Jonathan Williams

Policy and Position

Affordable Housing

The cost of housing, both to rent and own in Barre and around the state of Vermont has skyrocketed. With inflation and the rising cost of healthcare and food, folks are being pushed out of their homes, or cannot find suitable housing in our community.

Economic Security

People in Barre and across Vermont need a living wage. We need to make it easier for people to access 3SquaresVT, WIC, and other social services. We need to increase government financial support for small businesses and nonprofits. There is a lot of money out there hidden behind red tape and confusing paperwork. I know from experience!

Food Security

Many organizations in and around Barre work hard to ensure that no one is hungry in our state. We need to make sure everyone has enough to eat. We can do this by making it easier for food security groups to have food and supplies. Annual, sustained state support for these groups is critical. We can also work to end "food deserts" in Vermont, and in downtown Barre by opening supermarkets and coops. Supporting local growers and distributors is essential.

Equity and Representation

We can work to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. Disenfranchised groups should have a say in how we write laws and policy that affect them. We can end policies, laws, and practices that inhibit inclusion and fairness.

Reproductive Liberty

I believe every woman should have access to high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.

Gun Safety Reforms

I support common sense gun control measures at a national level: universal background checks, ending the online sales of guns and ammunition, and closing dangerous loopholes that allow certain individuals convicted of assault or battery to buy and possess firearms.


It should be easier for Vermont communities to fund small, impactful projects. My experience working for many Vermont towns has shown how confusing it is to get support from the State. It can be much easier and faster to fund something like a roadway sign. We also need faster, fairer internet for Barre and all Vermont towns.