May Newsletter

Let’s Make Barre Brighter!

Welcome back!

Welcome back friends, to the second edition of our campaign newsletter. Spring is in the air here in Barre, and across Vermont. The trees are budding, our dogs Pearl and Winslow are tracking mud through the house, and our campaign is gearing up for an exciting season of canvassing, listening sessions, fundraising, and events both in person and virtual. As a reminder, I hope that this newsletter will highlight my campaign platform and policy positions, to better serve those I wish to represent in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Thank you sincerely for your continued support!


Green Up

Green Up Day

On Saturday May 7, Becky and I joined the Greater Barre Democrats team to clean up Prospect Street, Bailey Street, and adjoining roadways in both the City and Town. Beginning at 8am on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, more than nine energetic Democrats in vivid blue t-shirts picked up six full bags of roadside trash and deposited them in the dumpster behind city hall. Participants included House Representative Peter Anthony and Barre City Democrats Chair Amanda Gustin. Many were delighted by the enthusiasm and effort put in by the group, and their work elicited honks and cheers from passing vehicles. “Barre Democrats will always work to beautify our shared community,” said one volunteer.

Jonathan and his wife Becky help to clean up during Green Up Day

I want to hear from you

Join me for coffee and conversation this Saturday at Espresso Bueno.

I want to hear about the city and statewide issues you care about and how Barre's state representatives can help.

Saturday, May 14 8am - 10am
Espresso Bueno, 248 N. Main St. in Barre

I hope to see you there!

On Reproductive Rights

Note this statement was originally published on various social media platforms on 5/2/22.

According to a draft opinion leaked yesterday, the United States Supreme Court has voted to undo Roe V. Wade, overturning what has been established, settled law for more than 50 years.

This is an unprecedented attack on reproductive and women’s rights. No such change of this magnitude has occurred within my lifetime.

As a Democrat, I oppose restrictions on medication abortion care. Like the majority of Americans, I believe every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion. Indeed, more than 70% of people in Vermont believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

Abortion is protected in Vermont and, under current state law, would remain legal if Roe V. Wade is undone. Too, the Vermont legislature recently approved a state constitutional amendment that, if approved by voters in November, will permanently guarantee a woman’s reproductive rights, including the right to an abortion.

I endorse federal, congressional efforts to pass legislation that codifies Roe V. Wade as the law of the land in this country, including the Freedom of Choice Act. And, if elected to represent Barre in the Vermont House of Representatives, I will continue to advocate for reproductive rights and healthcare options in Vermont. The erosion of civil liberties and rights afforded by established law must end now, and will not continue. Good, fair, and honest governance demands no less.

Thank you,


Rep. Tommy Walz

I want the representative who replaces me to demonstrate a real concern for the health and welfare of Vermonters, a love for democracy and justice, and a commitment to Barre City. Jonathan Williams possesses all those traits.

He’s tuned in to Vermont’s issues and needs. His community service and his experience working with non-profits and various Vermont communities has given him insight that matches well with the job description of a state representative. He is exactly the sort of engaged young person we want living and working in our community.

Without reservation I support Jonathan Williams’ candidacy to represent Barre City in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Rep. Tommy Walz